Preparation is the key to response success


As an Emergency Management Professional you know that preparation is the key to a successful response. NJEMA works to bring you current news and training to prepare you for your next response. Click below to see upcoming events around New Jersey

Responding to the people of NJ


Having a network of municipalities and professionals with similar needs and goals increases your response footprint. NJEMA helps bring every part of New Jersey together. Whether you are on the Jersey Shore, along the Delaware water Gap, or looking at the New York Skyline over the Hudson, we bring all areas together for the common goal of Emergency Management.

There to recover after the emergency is over


After Storm - Our professional members offer a diverse array of products and services. By bringing these professionals into the organization they can keep up with your demands. Offering new or improved ways to help the people recover quickly after the emergency is over.

prevention of future emergencies


Learning from our past helps us provide a better future. NJEMA brings coordinators together to update response plans and mitigate problems that could provide a future emergency. Bringing coordinators and professionals together we can learn from each other to create solid plans and coordinate the various resources throughout the state.

In memory of Jim Smith

Sent on behalf of Carol Smith,

Carol and her family wish to thank each of you for your outpouring of support, condolences and offers of help. Jim’s services are going to be held at their church, New Beginnings in Brick, NJ, on February 26th at 6pm. Jim was very involved in his church and it is expected that most of his congregation will be in attendance. Seating will be limited.

For Jim’s EMS, Fire and Emergency Management family, a separate Memorial Service is being tentatively planned for Saturday, March 7th at 11:00 am. Full details are still being worked out but we know that everyone has been asking for the arrangements and wanted to provide this information.

John Grembowiec is serving as the family liaison and will provide additional information when it becomes available. He can be reached at 973-445-9082 or



Why Become A Member



We bring together multiple facets to support and set OEM standards for the future.



We advocate legislation to support needs of Emergency Management statewide.


Reason3Keeping you informed of training and events to further your organizational goals.

Who is NJEMA

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NJEMA represents all coordinators and resources connected to the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) serving the State of New Jersey, and dedicated to the protection of life and property. Our members are the voice of Emergency management organizations throughout the state. By combining the efforts and goals of organizations within our membership we represent a voice to effect the changes needed to keep up with the changing world of emergency management.

We continue to expand our membership reaching out to all Emergency Response originations around the State including medical and educational institutions that have emergency response and coordination responsibilities. Likewise, we are expanding our Professional Memberships to include Corporations, Businesses, Manufactures and Venders in the private sector that provide products or services to our emergency response community. In becoming a member, you will be provided with a limitless network of experienced emergency response professionals from across the nation to draw upon. We need to stand together as a group to make Emergency Management in the State of New Jersey a top priority within the state.

Mission Statement

To promote the efforts of its members in a common goal and to protect the property and lives of all the residents within the geographical limits of New Jersey; Whenever necessary beyond said scope, against any enemy or natural disaster for the preservation of our Local and National Security.